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Nitin Venkatesh – Hi, this is Nitin, and I founded this blog along with Kavitha in December of 2010. I love Linux, especially Ubuntu and web development is a hobby. I love learning and teaching what I’ve learnt and that’s what I do here.  I am also the co-founder and webmaster of Technizns Web Solutions. I also write for 2buntu.com.
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Kavitha Sangeetha is one of the two founders of this blog and is an extremely talented graphic designer and is super creative with Adobe’s Photoshop. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Biotechnology (and also topped her class) She is also not just passionate about anime but crazy about it!  She loves books and also doodles anime characters in her free time.
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Prasanna Pattabiraman is the most recent addition to our team here. Him and Nitin go way back to high school. Prasanna’s a very talented computer engineer from BITS, Pillani (Dubai campus)  and holds numerous certifications in Networking and Ethical Hacking. He currently works as a Systems Engineer in Dubai.
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Are we good? Do we suck? Any suggestions?  Please do so with this contact form. We’d love to hear from you!


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